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Annual Work Day

2016 Volunteer Day

Over 40 volunteers came to do the hard work of sprucing up the Mandela Parkway on Saturday, September 3rd at the Foundation's Annual Workday.  The Foundation partnered with Friends of Mandela Parkway and were joined by Tzu Chi Foundation and Civicorps youth along with neighborhood volunteers to pick up litter, weed, prune and lay mulch along the median from 8th Street to 14th Street. In four hours the job was done and the transformation was impressive. We recommend a stroll with or without your dog along this median all the way to 32nd Street for a good dose of exercise in this attractive setting.  Thanks to all the good citizens who lent a hand at this year’s workday! 

2015 Volunteer Day

On Saturday, September 5, 2015, more than 50 volunteers transformed a water-wasting lawn area into a beautiful drought-tolerant demonstration garden.

Location: 7101 Edgewater Dr. Oakland 94621-3001 

Project: Working with City staff, Volunteers will plant a sustainable, drought-tolerant demonstration garden as part of a major “lawn conversion/drought-resistant” grant project in Oakland. The drought-tolerant demonstration garden will be used to promote and train Oakland staff and residents regarding landscaping, climate change and sustainability.  


2014 Volunteer Day


Joaquin Miller Park Cascade, Saturday, August 30, 2014

Over 100 volunteers reported for work in the morning of the last Saturday of August, 2014. They were eager to receive their work assignments in this popular area of Joaquin Miller Park situated many feet below the iconic cascade that tumbles down from above. This area has served as a backdrop for memorable event photos such as weddings and graduations since it was built in 1941. It had been a couple of decades since the landscaping had been overhauled.

After a brief training by Park Supervisor Herman Miller, they checked in with their captains, got their tools and began to clear brush and weeds from the planter areas to prepare them for re-landscaping. Their tasks proved to be very demanding --lopping back overgrown vines, digging out deeply buried plant and tree roots, turning soil, leveling the surfaces, and, finally, laying and stapling the weed barrier material and covering it with mulch. By noon, the five giant planters surrounding the reflecting pool and many smaller ones bordering the grand staircase up to the "Dancing Fountain" and dotting the surrounding lawns were ready for the landscaping of drought-tolerant plants to be completed in the months ahead.

We wish to thank the individuals and groups, especially St. Mary's College, Tzu Chi foundation and BTCEB [Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay], for their time and considerable efforts in this project. Volunteers do make a difference!